Sunday, June 26, 2011

About Hatred

"The Infant Shakespeare attended by Nature and the Passions." This additional subtitle accompanied the picture: "Nature is represented with her face unveiled to her favourite Child, who is placed between Joy and Sorrow. On the right of Nature are Love, Hatred & Jealousy; on her left hand, Anger, Envy, & Fear."

Hatred begets hatred. It is one of the most dangerous emotion. Whether you hate someone or someone hates you, in both cases, the end is always going to be terrible. It's not just your mind that will get affected, but your soul and body too will get poisoned. Spiritual growth of a person is not possible unless he gets rid of this emotion. So stay away from people who hate you and never hate anybody. If you do not check this emotion you will get habitual to hatred. Only the object of hatred will keep on changing while the poisonous emotion will keep on growing stronger and stronger till you would not be able to eat, breath, or laugh without hating something or someone. 

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