Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Psychological Problems Confused with Physical Ailments

A man is normally born with a healthy body and mind. The brain and nervous system helps him develop mechanisms to cope with stress and life threatening situations. Every part of body including brain works in harmony. 

Only when he faces unbearable stress for a long period of time, the coping mechanism fails and he develops mental illness. 

Mental illness also has physical symptoms like headache, nausea, weakness, high or low blood pressure, body pain, diarrhea etc. If the psychological problem is left untreated and his stressful situation continues then the physical symptoms give impression of permanence. 

He forgets about the real cause and believes his sickness is entirely physical in nature. He complains of chronic headache or other physical problems and wants these to be treated. In short he confuses the symptoms with the real cause of sickness which is entirely psychological in nature.

Sometimes the psychological illness  causes chemical imbalance in brain or other physical changes. Then, in fact, the sickness is more than psychological. It's physical in nature and psychotropic drugs are required to bring the  neurotransmitters and chemicals in proportion.   

In the long run, in fact the physical symptoms become cause of whole lot of other psychological illnesses, until it becomes difficult to pin point the original cause of disease and its nature.  

In such cases, even though the doctor knows that reason of the patients ailments are entirely psychological in nature he will have to first cure the physical symptoms. Only then he can move on to treat the real cause of sickness which is  psychological.

Patient can not and should not try to find the reason or nature of his illness. It will only make the matter worse. If the patient wants to recover then faith in his doctor and his methods is very important.  

Body perishes when an organ is alteredIn all psychological illnesses, the most important part of the body, brain is altered. Thus we have all sorts of physical symptoms. 

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Courtesy: Australian National University

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