Friday, October 21, 2011

Friendship With The Devil

You can very well enter into friendship with a devil. But once he accepts you as his friend he would not let you go. You will have no other option, but to live by his rules. Devil loves power and any thing that makes him powerful is accepted and nourished. He can not see his friends becoming weak on any account. There is no place for weakness either of body or mind. Thus more healthy you are and more knowledge you have of men and world sans God, more will be your share in his power. Your life will depend on him and his life on you. Since killing and destroying his enemies is Devil's prime occupation, he has an uncanny sense to smell betrayal, thus even blinking too much while he looks at you can end your life. Devil has utter disregard for weak and foolish people and feeds on them, thus   preparing the ground for rebellion. It takes decades before people realize the true nature of devil, and take up arms against him. Common  people's strength lies in number. They out number the devil's forces and thus win. The devil will choose the manner of his death and would be the last one to die. You my friend would die fighting for him and pay the debt of friendship with your life.  

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Anonymous said...

what devil are you referring to.
Do you believe supernaturals such as Demons.
I am a philosophy major here in Philippines.
Please, if you mind, explain your stand about this..

Yogendra Rawat said...

I do not believe in supernatural beings and certainly not in Demons. By devil, I mean cruel people similar to some notorious dictators. You can read Nietzsche's aphorism about cruel nature of a human being.

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