Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Perception of Future

When I was working in an e-learning company my senior colleague who was an instructional designer (a person who converts a story written in words into comics stories with color full pictures and characters) said, "I hate fiction." I looked puzzled at him and said, "What do you mean?" He said, "I do not like reading novels and story books which are written for entertainment. It's all fiction. Some thing that can not happen in real life. I do no understand why people read novels. Instead one should read autobiographies and real life stories, or history. These are events that have actually occurred in reality. We can learn a lot by reading about these events."

I did not say anything. What I could have said. A person who uses his imagination to create picture based stories can not understand that he can also create a lot of other things using his imagination. How was I to explain him that his mind was always creating a future for him. A product of his imagination—pure fiction. 

What is real? Is my past real. Yes, the events have happened. I can not deny all the good and bad deeds that I have done in my past, neither can I deny what is happening right now. It all looks so real. In fact "it is real," but my future...which is always unfolding, taking birth. It never fails to surprise me. 

The future that exist in my mind is so different from the future that takes birth. What about our past which looks so real...yes I remember what I had for dinner last night or meeting my friend, but echos coming from my  distant past... seems to be so hazy and dream like. In fact it is distorted. A bit of reality and a bit of imagination. Fiction is so hopelessly intertwined with non fiction. Some times a biography of a person is better than a novel, and sometimes a novel is so real that we think we are reading a biography. 

Next morning I met my colleague and I showed him my sketches. He said, "Good, good, Yogendra always use your imagination. Make it as interesting as possible. Be creative. Think out of the box." 

I said, "Yes Sir, I will use my imagination. I love fiction." 


nothingprofound said...

Wonderful articles on this blog. I was especially taken with this one. Great insights and beautifully written.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Hi nothingprofound

Thanks for your comment.

I am lucky to have a reader who not only understands what I write, but also appreciates it. I will continue to write more such articles.

Thanks again

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