Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Power of Dying Man

I have been to different parts of India and have enjoyed the company of all sorts of men. The common men who live in villages and small towns are not so much scared of powerful and strong people as they are of poor and unfortunate. The common men love making fun of privileged people and take malicious pleasure in cursing them. It's one of the chief sources of entertainment for them. All strong and powerful people whether politicians or local goons are considered as evil. Thus, there's nothing wrong in cursing them. But when you ask them about the cause of misery of an unfortunate person, they become silent, as if they have seen a ghost. They shudder at the thought of causing any kind of injury or harm to such a person. The person to whom God has been most unfair is in some way related to God. The dying man is more powerful than any living man, for soon he is going to join the ranks of supernatural powers in the form of spirit, ghost, or god. Once he becomes god he might take revenge on all the people who have caused injury to him, or have laughed at his misfortune. No one wants to be at the receiving end. You can almost hear them praying, "O God! Please forgive me. I had no such intention."