Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Unconscious Mind

Imagine how many people you have met in your life, how many you have seen on TV, how many in movies, how many on inter-net, how man in books, how many in newspaper. Can you make an exhaustive list of all those people; perhaps not. Even if you try, your memory would not allow you to recall each and every person. Our memory is like an auction house where impressions of different people are making their bid, and the impression which has the strongest impact on our mind has the greatest share in our memory both in terms of longevity and influence. Thus we never forget our mother, our father, our siblings, our school teachers and all those people who have shaped our life. What happens to the memories people whom we cannot recall? Are they lost forever? Perhaps not… some time when I am walking aimlessly in a crowed and my mind is bombarded with the impressions of numerous faces, I am struck with the appearance of a person. I feel I have seen him before, but where? When? I believe I know something about this person, or... is it something about the person whom I cannot recall! We never know how many people are living in our memory and also influencing our behavior. 

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