Saturday, November 12, 2011

Value of Zero

I logged in to my Facebook account, and a young women tried to talk to me. It rarely happens that women show interest in me, but I do not mind talking to a young attractive girl. Here's what happened...  

Courtesy: Ms Josephine Koubek (U.K)

Amanda: Hi 
YR: hell
Amanda: what do you mean?
YR: srry hi 
Amanda: what srry 
YR: actually, a key in my keybrd is nt wrking. 
Amanda: which key
YR: the round letter
Amanda: you mean O
YR: yeah yu gt it. 
Amanda: okay 
Amanda: It's not a big problem, just use zero in place of O
YR: 0k 
YR: why did n0t I think 0f it bef0re
YR: I am s0 stupid
Amanda: ya it happens some time. 
Amanda: so where you are from 
YR: mumbai, india
YR: where are y0u from 
Amanda: onden
YR: what, i did not get y0u? 
Amanda: oh god! I think some thing is wrong here too? 
YR: what? 
Amanda: one of my key is not working. 
YR: what !!
Amanda: ya 
YR: which 0ne
Amanda: I do know how te
Amanda: its the key without which I can not  spe ove and the word becomes word
YR: I d0 n0t understand  
Amanda: Another word for romance starts with that key
YR: 0key i got it you mean L 
Amanda: yeah 
YR: N0 pr0blem, lets talk ab0ut s0mthing else
 YR: lets leave l0ve and w0rld f0r time being.
Amanda: that's so unromantic
YR: yeah I kn0w , but what can be d0ne
YR: today I realized value of  zer0
Amanda: ya, and I realized the value of  I
YR: How?
Amanda: see I can sp I_ove using I  
YR: H0w strange! there is n0 l0ve with0ut an L and the w0rld      bec0mes just a w0rd. 
Amanda: I can do without worI_d, but not without I_ove.
Amanda: It's a mess. 
Amanda: no I_ , no I_ove . it's frustrating. I_ets meet ater.  
Amanda: bye see you 
YR: hell? 
YR: hell? 
YR: Gd dnt take away nthing frm me. 
YR: What have I left withut yu, wrld and luv.  


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