Monday, December 19, 2011

Absurdism: Finding Meaning in Life

Camus’s concept of absurd is nothing new. He thinks too much of a concept that is a mere feeling or an insight. It’s true that we all encounter this feeling of “Why do I live? For what? For whom? Why do I have to do the same thing again and again from morning till dawn like a machine? Life has no meaning. It’s all absurd.”

The simple answer to this question is that nobody does anything for nothing. We go to office and do the same task from morning till dawn because we get paid for it. Sure some times it looks meaningless and absurd when we are engaged in our daily machine like activity and hear the whip lashes of our boss to do it faster and better. We feel frustrated, angry and humiliated, and sometimes we realize that we are no better than a slave living in hell. Many find escape from this painful reality in daydreaming and wishful thinking. They dream of having won a jackpot, or having found gold buried in their backyards and how they would like to walk out of this hell in style. And if chance permits them such freedom then many would even consider giving the taste of  whiplashes they have received to their bosses and make them realize that they (boss) too are mere human beings.

Does it all sounds absurd? No. Just think how many time we ponder on the wretched nature of our existence and irrationality of the world. Not always and not all the time. A thought or insight last for only a few moments, till we have learned to incorporate it in our perception of reality. Once we have understood it completely we do not think about it all the time. We do not keep repeating— this world is a hell, this world is a hell, this world is a hell… we know it is a hell and the matter ends there. 

We Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy CC
The pointless toil and machine like activity in factories makes us feel sad and depressed, and life seems to be meaningless. Everything looks absurd, but not on the day when we receive our paycheck. Then for a moment everything makes sense and we feel blessed that we have a job that pays. It may be dull, boring and meaningless, but still it has value and we see value of what we do in our paychecks. It is a feeling like any other feeling and it makes us feel good about our self. Thus there is no point in focusing on a particular gloomy feeling and magnifying it out of proportion.

Other than work we also have a social life, family life, love life, and may be night life. Considering so many options and means to alleviate our mood, we need not think too much of what makes it absurd or meaningless.

Even If you have lived different kinds of life and done everything, life is so rich that it can always give you a reason to live. Absurd is absurd, no amount of thinking about it would make it meaning full. So always say yes to life and enjoy the lighter moments and little pleasures that life has to offer.

This is how we deal with absurd.

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