Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Action and Reaction

We all know what action means, but very few of us really understand what “reaction” means. If thoughtful actions make our life easy then thoughtless reactions make it perilous. Many men  wouldn't mind having a relationship with a woman if it is a no-strings-attached relationship. Like strangers by day and lovers by night kind of thing. But it’s sad that God do not believe in no-strings-attached relationship. Our reactions which are often foolish and thoughtless are the way God always holds a string attached to us. Now if you want to know why then I think He is being fair with us as He has given us capability to cultivate our minds by thinking and learning, so that we always act in an appropriate manner in any given situation. 
You Need Not be Right All the Time CC
We all have the capability to pre plan our actions in such a way that executing them perfectly will always give us the desired results. Some of us are clever and smart enough to do so and advance in life, while others are stupid, dullards who never grow up and continue to react to different situations like impulsive kids and make their life miserable.

Thus as a conscious human being our first responsibility is to have good control over our emotions and to always give a proper and well thought out controlled reaction to any situation, so that we minimize many risks and perils that life carries with it anyway.

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