Sunday, December 11, 2011

Existentialist's Reasoning

Existentialist believe that our reasoning mind mostly misleads us rather than assist us in finding out the truth. We need to assess a situation in a disinterested fashion if we are to arrive at some useful and meaningful conclusions, but since our emotions and sentiments creep into our reasoning, it renders our findings unreliable. It means that not everybody is as talented as Sherlock Holmes. The limitations imposed by our reasoning mind (faulty reasoning tinged with emotions) make this world (other people) unpredictable and irrational. However, existentialists do believe that reasoning is useful in natural sciences where it assists a trained scientist in finding out the objective truths. Thus for common people it is difficult to find a form, structure or order in external world by reasoning. 


The plowmaster said...

Where are your sources? I cannot consider you trustworthy without them.

Yogendra Rawat said...

You judge what I say for yourself.

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