Wednesday, December 07, 2011

How to Deal With Angst

Every morning as we get ready to meet the challenges of the day ahead, we know that today is a new day, and it may bring happy or ugly surprises. Thus we feel mild anxiety and stress in the morning. As we go through the day successfully the level of stress keeps going down; so that when we leave office and come back home in the evening we feel relaxed. The level of stress is least when we prepare to go to bed at night. Our body clock or circadian rhythm starts producing the ‘hormone of darkness’ i.e. melatonin in our brain which induces sleep. Thus normally if we do not perceive future as threatening to our existence then we continue to live a healthy life. But if we have this idea that we may do foolish things which may land us in to trouble, or our actions although not intentionally bad may have unpleasant consequences then it is going to produce anxiety and stress all the time. 
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What we do by our own free will under limited conditions of freedom is entirely in our hands, but the results or fruit of our actions are not. The response of the world is uncertain and unpredictable, but thinking too much of what may happen to us in future and living a stressful life is not good. It resembles GAD that is general anxiety disorder. Thus do what you think is best in any circumstances and leave the rest to God (if you believe in God) or to fate (if you do not believe in God).

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