Saturday, March 03, 2012

Eternal Recurrence

The idea that I will live this life exactly as I am living it right now for n number (n=) of times is fantastic. Even if I accept that matter is finite and time is infinite, the idea of eternal recurrence will not hold ground if there is no definite evidence that matter (every particle) will combine in a predetermined fashion. That is only a definite number of combinations are possible. Other than that, the moment that we are living right now, (a combination of matter) has a history. For events to recur on such a grand scale, at least the starting point should be same. Now, the question is what can be the starting point and whether we can have the same starting point. If we cannot have the same starting point or there is no such thing as a starting point then the whole idea of eternal recurrence becomes a mere fantasy. 


Cathyby said...

Agree! It might be possible if the universe was to continue infinitely into the future, OR if we knew the starting conditions of the universe were constrained and that we are in a multiverse. Otherwise I can't see Eternal Reoccurance being plausible metaphysically. I find Nietzsche's idea much more useful as a test of meaningfulness of ones life.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Thanks Cathy.

I agree with your point of view.

nothingprofound said...

One of Nietzsche's stranger notions. I think the impetus behind it was his desire to affirm his life absolutely, to the point of being willing to live it over and over exactly as it was. There's a wonderful poem by Yeats "The Dialogue Of Self And Soul" which illustrates Nietzsche's conception beautifully.

Yogendra Rawat said...

Thanks Marty,

I will read this poem. Nietzsche was in reality filled with horror at this idea of eternal recurrence. In fact he refers to this idea as a curse of a demon. But proposes that even if this is true we must say yes to life. A tremendous life affirming outlook.

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