Monday, November 19, 2012

What it Takes to Realize God

It requires a life time of work to experience silence as Wittgenstein did, or to experience the transcendence of inner psychic energy as Jung did or to experience God in everything as Spinoza did. 

All spiritual practices take one to the ethereal realm of spiritual heights rather too quickly. What it does in reality is satisfy our hunger for that feeling of oneness with nature with too little efforts. It is like taking a magic pill, which is not without its side effects and hangovers. It may satisfy our urges for time being but in long run there's always the danger of getting lost. 

This is the reason why so many people who experience that light also lose it quickly. The reality as we know is too powerful and so is our bondage to it. Even after getting a glimpse of divinity in nature we continue to get affected by everything in our surrounding world. We understand what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad and our consequent emotional response to that good and bad. We continue to get affected by pain and happiness of others. We continue to hanker for love and sex. Accordingly we feel  miserable or happy. The thing here to understand is that doing penance, fasting, praying, etc which gave us that feeling of being one with God is gone in a minute if we falter even once, and then begins the vicious cycle of redemption and fall out of an ignorant mind can never come out. This is the reason why i call all these spiritual practices short cuts.  

What we need to achieve that emotional stability, to attain that inner peace or serenity, to experience that oneness with nature, whenever we want or feel like, is true knowledge of the outer world and also of the inner world. It's not just knowing what is morality in the objective sense i.e social mores of our times, but also knowing what is morality for us personally and why do we attach so much importance to it. Same way knowing what is love, what is lust, what is power, what is happiness, what is pain and so many things and also experiencing the truthfulness of that knowledge. 

Only when a person has gone through this torturous path of self discovery and has understood the secrets of nature as known and revealed by great scientist and philosophers can he hope to live at peace in both worlds - one of god or nature and one of man. 

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