Friday, July 05, 2013

Against Religious Feelings

Many a time our religious feeling has its root in our dirty little secrets.  

We feel that religion is an antidote for such feelings, but let me warn you, that far from being antidote it acts as  stimulant. In the long run, like a vampire, it sucks one's  nervous energy, and leaves one completely exhausted. 

The demons one feels inside oneself who looks so terrifyingly real are nothing but one's will taking control of one's real desires. The desires which are so dirty, so terrible, and so abnormal yet so exciting and so gratifying. May be it is our childhood fantasies which takes the  form of demons in our adulthood.

Religion makes a man melancholy, effeminate, stupid, and a hypocrite. 

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Bob said...

For me, a big problem with religion is that people tend to interpret what they believe as "having knowledge" and so they often take action with absolute conviction which can open the door to many unpleasant things. One of those things is passing down to succeeding generations a value system that takes its toll on individual happiness for the supposed greater benifit of religious complience.
I am not privy to the nature of absolute reality. All I can give you here is my opinion and that could be in error. One thing seems certain though. There is a cornucopia of divergent claims to knowledge of the absolute. Common sense would seem to dictate, even to the most casual observer, that they can't all be correct. Upon further consideration one would conclude that only one claim among the many could possibly be true and so eliminate all the others. Further still, if one were honest with themself, would be the possibility and perhaps even the likelihood that no claim to knowledge of the absolute is correct... leaving us with nothing but our persoal beliefs concerning the matter.
Never mind what the priests tell you my friend. They are probably wrong. Rather, act according to your personal beliefs as long as doing so does not hurt an innocent.


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